Select works by Composers

Improvisations by Delta Saxophone Quartet

(1) Quantitive by Delta Sax Soundscape
(15) Easing by Delta Sax Soundscape

Uneasy Dreams by Stephen Goss
(2) Uneasy Dream: Tideland

(22) Uneasy Dreams: A Blues for Sam Lowry (Brazil)
(23) Uneasy Dreams: The Fisher King

Before the Road by Gerald Barry
(3) Before the Road 1
(4) Before the Road 2
(6) Before the Road 3
(12) Before the Road 4
(13) Before the Road 5

(14) Before the Road 6
Before the Road 7
(17) Before the Road 8
(18) Before the Road 9
(20) Before the Road 10
(21) Before the Road 11

On The Edge by Tim Ewers
(5) On the Edge

Arias and Ghosts by Mike Searby
(7) Arias and Ghosts: Desolate Landscape
(8) Quicksilver
(9) Polish Canons
(10) Shocks
(11) Arias with Ghosts

Selected Movements of Great Composers by Michael Finnissy

(19) Selected Movements of Great Composers

Extras - Interviews with the Composers

Stephen Goss interviewed by Mike Searby
Tim Ewers interviewed by Stace Constantinou
Mike Searby interviewed by Stace Constantinou
Chris Caldwell interviewed by Stace Constantinou
Michael Finnissy interviewed by Tim Ewers

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Audio Credits
Engineered by Ebby Acquah (Kingston University)
All tracks recorded in the period November 2007 and November 2008
Except tracks 2, 22 and 23, Uneasy Dreams recorded J
une 2006

Mixed and Mastered by John Winfoeld, Broadstairs, England, July/August 2009, also co-created the soundscapes with the Delta Sax Quartet for tracks 1 and 14

Produced for the Delta Saxophone Quartet by Chris Caldwell

Produced for FMR Records by Trevor Taylor
Under licence by Music On The Edge on behalf of the Delta Saxophone Quartet 2010 to FMR Records

Extra Credits
Interviews filmed and produced by the web and multimedia team at Kingston University
Special thanks to The Kingston Mill Pub, Kingston.

Coombehurst Studio Kingston University

Thanks to:
Phil Hollins and Kenny Evans for their technical help and support
Live Shoots were filmed at the Ackland Space, Flexible Filming Studio, Knights Park, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture - Kinston University
Daniel Prettejohn for Additional Photography

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